Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Peace Criminals Project

The Peace Criminals Project has three sites, including this general news data site, Neocon Surveillance Network. This site tends to have more 'factual' material, e.g. on protests, peace movements, etc. It also includes obituaries and tributes. If you want to submit anything along these lines, please email!

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This is a quick reminder about our other two sites.

Neocon Surveillance is a general site, containing 'serious' commentary, satirical commentary, fake news, poetry and whatever you decide to send to us!

Satirical-Industrial Complex is satire only (whereas Neocon Surveillance is not satire only, and merely contains a substantial amount of satire, balanced out by some more 'solemn' material.

Friday, 9 September 2016

RIP Ursula Franklin

Ursula Franklin, a Canadian scientist, recently passed away: July 2016. According to the first of the articles I link to below, she was a Holocaust survivor who studied experimental physics, and later became a Quaker. She made great progress as a woman in a male-dominated field. She is quoted as saying:
"I define peace not as the absence of war, but as the presence of justice and the absence of fear,” she told the CBC in 2010, in a variation on her most famous quotation. “There’s peace when people don’t have to be afraid. And people don’t have to be afraid when there’s genuine justice . . . It seems to be so, so difficult. Although it’s so, so obvious.”

Another obituary says:
She once said: “There were so many people who perished. I didn’t. The basic question is: How does one conduct a responsible life that really has been given by an accident of history? It could just as well have been given to somebody else, but you have it, and you better do something.”

A truly remarkable person. Thank you, Ursula, for your character, your integrity and your compassion. May you rest evermore in the sublimest tranquillity of peace.


Monday, 29 August 2016

Jordan Page's Lyrics

Jordan Page is a great singer for peace and against war; and his lyrics are well worth reading.

See here:

As for songs, I recommend 'Message of Freedom' and 'Listen.'



There have been some minor tweaks to the links bars on the right hand side of the Peace Criminals Project sites. The content is now more up to date, and hopefully looks a little less cluttered. Hope you find it more appealing! Striving to improve presentation of each site more and more is an ongoing project.

So, if you have any feedback on the look of the site, or on anything else, please email us at (the same email address you can use for submissions).

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Improvements to the Site (CROSSPOST)

I like to think I have grown in my ability to produce a decent site. By now, I can even filter out anomalies such as white or pink 'shading' in articles.

I recently renovated Neocon Surveillance and the other two sites.

I can guarantee that I have tried hard to make sure there are no more anomalies re: background shading, font, font size, etc.

If there are any errors, I am happy to correct them as they are noted.

I have, however, made sure not to tamper with the actual texts.

I hope you continue to enjoy the even better site!