Saturday, 6 August 2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Improvements to the Site (CROSSPOST)

I like to think I have grown in my ability to produce a decent site. By now, I can even filter out anomalies such as white or pink 'shading' in articles.

I recently renovated Neocon Surveillance and the other two sites.

I can guarantee that I have tried hard to make sure there are no more anomalies re: background shading, font, font size, etc.

If there are any errors, I am happy to correct them as they are noted.

I have, however, made sure not to tamper with the actual texts.

I hope you continue to enjoy the even better site!


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Who are the Shy Tories of the Recent Trident Vote?

472 Trident supporters, and only 117 loyal patriots who love the people of this country.

This is reminiscent of the vote to massacre Iraqi and Syrian civilians, under the hollow pretext of 'opposing Daesh,' a ruthless jihadi theocracy that only exists because of the policies of the self-styled 'International Community' and which, to speak the truth, is no more extreme than the 'moderate political Islamists' of the 'moderate Taliban' or 'moderate al-Qaeda.' But those guys are apparently the evil ones, right?

From here on in, I am relying on the figures from a BBC article:

140 Shy Tories from Labour voted for the renewal; presumably, a great number of these votes were perpetrated purposely to spite Corbyn; which latter, for all his considerable faults, including his 'friends in Hamas gaffe,' does not have a fuckload of skeletons of Libyan infants under his bed.

Aside from these 140, there were a number of 'moderate political shy-Toryists,' who abstained.

Oh, well good for you son!

There was one Shy Tory with a constituency in Scotland. Maybe a nice internal vacation, uh, exile beyond Hadrian's wall awaits? Heh heh...

Lib Dems voted 7 against; non for.


In a previous version of this post, the Shy Tory part was followed by:

My party, the Liberal Democrats, let me down again. They have a habit of doing this.
In ten or twenty years, the dinosaurs occupying the ranks of our party will be replaced by those who really love liberalism.
It's a long time to wait!
I can confirm now that this was from some inexcusable carelesness on my part. For the purposes of integrity, we will keep it up here. Yes, the Liberal Democrats voted 'nay.'

Trident Treason: War is THEIR Only Chance of Peace

The figures are sobering...

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Chilcot Protests

This is not intended as an exhaustive list, but here are some 6 July Chilcot protests, vigils & public meetings!




London 06 July

London 7 July

For a general overview, see Stop the War.

A Tribute to the Moral Courage of Charles Kennedy

From the Facebook Page of Neocon Surveillance (please like & follow!):

I would rather have someone like Charles Kennedy who did the wrong thing and then repented, than someone like Blair who, like the elder brother in the parable of the Prodigal Son, died in his stubbornness. 

If 'whores' and 'swindlers' will enter the Kingdom before the Great and the Good (I speak figuratively and allusively, of course, but read it however you like), then Charles Kennedy will finish his disciple's purgation with pride in the Grand Judgment Book of history.

While the Grand High Priest of arrogance and immeasurable hubris will fall with the crumbling masonry of his temple and split the hell of Historical Damnation wide open!